Verse Online presents Arclands, a new 5th Edition compatible universe that enables players to create spells and magic items unique to their characters.

Arclands: The Spellforgers Companion

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Arclands: The Spellforgers Companion is a game changing campaign setting compatible with 5th Edition that features Spellforging, a brand new system of magic creation, allowing every spell to be unique to the player.

In addition to all new magic mechanics, Arclands introduces new character origins, classes, items, monsters and an original setting for the world's greatest role-playing game. 

Don't just cast spells, forge them.

Three centuries ago in the world of Hermia the skies poured white fire and after millenia, magic returned. Players in the Arclands world exist on the frontier of a newly re-discovered power and each player character is touched by its essence. To wield this fearsome new energy, known as Fate, and to craft it into bespoke spells and abilities, players must find the mystical spell forges, sites of incredible power where raw magic can be crafted into enchantments for equipment, or into new known spells. The new Arclands Spellforge mechanic allows players the chance to design magic for themselves instead of selecting the same old spells time and time again. Every spell is unique to its owner, allowing each player to tailor their magical arsenal for their adventure. This is the heart of the Arclands world. 

New Classes, New Origins

Player characters in the Arclands world stand apart from other mortals, they are touched by a powerful energy and in a world still fearful of magical forces, they step forward to embrace their Fate.


Knight: Battle hardened heroes with duty and honour in their blood.

Dragoon: Warriors born in the saddle, each with a mystical connection to their mount.

Corsair: Masters of the waves, lords of the taverns.

Marauder: Part outlaw, part folk hero, at home in the streets or the wilderness.

Anyone touched by the powers of Fate can become a caster. There are currently three caster variants. Players can add a caster variant to their base class, replacing some of the powers they would gain with the power to create spells at Spell Forges. Each caster variant adds new class features, but all casters can cast spells in the traditional wizardy way.

Caster Variants

Tomebearer: Owner of a Grimoire that lets them edit prepared spells on the fly.

Vowbinder: Pawn of interdimensional powers, with a familiar to feed.

Fateweaver: Spellcasters who can draw strands of magic directly from the weave and incorporate them into items.


Chorale: Secret psychic mutants living in hidden covens, connected by a hive mind.

Half Fey:Lost souls, wandering tricksters with chance and chaos in their blood.

Half Firg: The half human offspring of giant craftsmen.

Jaraki: Amphibian hunters from the depths of the jungles and swamps.

Humans: Like you and me but heroic.

 The Book

The book contains:

  • New spell creation mechanics in the form of our Spellforge system.
  • New psionics mechanic for our Chorale character race.
  • A 3,000 year complete lore of the Arclands world and over 50 pages of locations, adventure hooks and maps.