Journey to a dying paradise, a Celestium now fallen into ruin - an exhilarating new Campaign setting for 5th Edition set in The Celestial Realm...

The Book of the Graces

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Journey to a dying paradise, a Celestium now fallen into ruin - an exhilarating new Campaign setting for 5th Edition set in The Celestial Realm...

This full-colour 160-page book includes an all-new custom feature: Aerial Combat rules for battles in the sky - the Arclands Raptor Mechanic!

The Book of the Graces contains exciting new content, locations, character options and more! We present to you...

✦ New Character Origins (races) and Backgrounds!

✦ New Lore and History 

✦ A Vast Campaign setting for 5th Edition Characters 

✦ New Creatures and NPCs

✦ The Arclands Raptor Mechanic for Aerial Combat and Flying Mounts!


Following our first fully funded funded Kickstarter, Arclands: The Spellforgers Companion, Verse Online is proud to present the next chapter in the Arclands story: 

The Book of the Graces

Players journey into the Celestial Realm - once a paradise, now a world of frost-bound islands, mysterious ruins and memories of terrible conflicts between the children of a long dead god, the Graces.

A multitude of mortal peoples have settled here and built kingdoms in the sky, but powerful forces long to claim back the realm and restore Celestium to its former greatness. Players can choose from Four New Character Origins:


What do you get in The Book of the Graces?

Within its glossy, colourful pages, we bring three ages worth of world lore and introduce the story of the fallen god, The Keeper:

  • The creation of the Five Dimensions and the world of Celestium, along with the mightiest Graces, the Athervannir.
  • The unexpected arrival of the Tralanvannir and the beginnings of a civil war amongst the islands in the clouds.
  • The attack of the terrible Devourer, its war against Celestium and the Keeper’s fateful deal with the forces of Damnation to rid himself of troublesome dissenting Graces.
  • The collapse of the Celestial Realm during ‘The Great and Terrible Sundering’.
  • The origins of Human and Non-Human kingdoms on the Celestial Realm, where Graces once ruled.
  • All new character Origins, each with their own unique abilities.
  • New mounted sky combat rules so you can ride Hawks, Owls, Ravens and Swifts into battle. 
  • All new Celestial Backgrounds to add flavour and context to your characters.
  • Kingdoms floating in the clouds; the Solustine Kingdom, Rathic Principalities and the Iron Baronetcy.
  • The mysterious and deadly Frost Margin where creatures unknown lurk.
  • The time-dilated inner islands where centuries can pass as easily as days.
  • The Glassmaker’s Dream: A fully-fleshed campaign through the Celestial Realm, for character levels 3 to 10. 
  • Maps and Battle Grids for crucial encounters
  • Creatures and NPCs to help or hinder your party on their journey